Colocation Services

Today’s business-critical applications require the highest in reliability and availability. Enseva’s modular and scalable design provide for feature rich high density, high efficiency and high reliability solutions. Enseva datacenter facilities also offer state-of-the art security systems, fire suppression systems, tech rooms and customer lounges allowing customers to do business even when away from the office.

Enseva offers a suite of services that include the technology, equipment and expertise that provide your business protection from both downtime and growth limitations. Services include locked cabinets, private micro-suites, reliable network connectivity and onsite expert support.

Key benefits of colocation

  • Improved reliability & availability through redundant infrastructure backed by service level agreements.
  • Increased efficiency & performance through purpose-built design (environmental monitoring and controls, electrical monitoring and controls, etc…)
  • Reduced costs compared to building your own datacenter.
  • Rapidly scale your environment (both physical and densities) as your organization grows.
  • Risk mitigation through onsite security, video surveillance and other measures.


What makes Enseva colocation stand out?

  • Enseva datacenters use a proprietary compound redundancy system that has a mean time between failure exceeding that of Tier 4 datacenters.
  • High density electrical and cooling systems allow for efficient cabinet deployments ranging from 10kw to 30kw.
  • Access to Enseva’s performance blended internet network that facilitates highly redundant network access without the need to understand BGP and manage multiple vendor contracts.
  • Groundbreaking green technologies reduce operation costs.  Savings get passed on to the customer!