“Diggin In” to New Technology

By Chris SeveyBlog, Press Release

Enseva is all about satisfying our customers. This means adapting with our customers when their needs change. A year ago, we would have never dreamed that Enseva would be installing fiber infrastructure in the ground. But now, we’re doing it – and here’s why.

In recent years, we at Enseva noticed that many of our clients who once used point-to-point connections and MPLS had begun to switch gears, instead using SD-WAN (Software Defined) to leverage redundant commodity connections and tunnel to their cloud resources. This change was exciting – but we knew it wouldn’t come without problems. Internet traffic often needs to traverse multiple providers before reaching its final destination, but not all providers have the same performance characteristics and traffic doesn’t always take the most direct path. This can make for some pretty unpredictable speed and performance. So, we thought we’d try to preempt these issues for our customers by contacting local service providers and encouraging them to improve cross-network connectivity with Enseva.

The response was…not positive.

Some of the larger providers were totally non-responsive, though we figured that would be the case. Some providers expressed no interest at all.  And some were actually resistant to this method of improving customers’ experience because they thought it would lose them money. Why charge for one service when you could charge for two, right?

Wrong. We at Enseva aim to deliver a superior cloud experience.  One of the best ways to enhance that experience is to ensure our clients have access to a super-highway of connectivity with low latency, low jitter, and gigabit-speed between the users and Enseva’s cloud platform.  And if we wanted to do that…

It seems we’d have to do it ourselves.

Enseva sees the future of communications collapsing to the internet. Web services, voice, television, everything, will all be consumed over internet connections. So we’re making the internet the best it can be. By connecting users directly to the cloud backbone, organizations can leverage the benefits of the cloud while also retaining the performance perks of being on-prem.

So, there you have it. We are getting our hands dirty, digging – literally – into the latest technologies to give our customers what they deserve.