Enseva Azure Adds Windows Core Editions

By Dustin DunkelBlog

Enseva Azure subscriptions have been modified to include Windows Server 2016 Core and Windows Server 2019 Core (Beta) templates. This enables customers to quickly create fully patched (as of February 2019) instances of Windows Server Core.

Why use Windows Server Core? There are a variety benefits, here are a few:

  • Reduced servicing and management – Server Core installations include only the required components for popular services such as DNS, DHCP, IIS, and Active Directory. Therefore, less management is required.
  • Reduced attack surface – There is less running on a server core installation, which means there are fewer attack vectors.
  • Reduced memory usage – As a result of fewer services running, less memory is consumed by the operating system itself, leaving more available for other applications.
  • Less disk space required – The operating system footprint on disks is reduced significantly with server core installations.
  • Greater stability – With fewer processes running, there are fewer points of failure. This increases overall stability.