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10 Mar

Windows 10 is a 10!

By Chris GensickeBlog, In The News

It may just be everything that Windows 8 should have been, but is it?  Windows 10 has made great strides to implement the needs of the enterprise customer back into the desktop experience with a return to the end-user interface that is familiar with many legacy users.  It takes people back to their roots with

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11 Feb

Net Neutrality – What You Should Know

By Lori McConvilleBlog, In The News

Imagine driving on an interstate highway system with all the off-ramps controlled by private companies, which could charge various tolls, some possibly so high that the exit wouldn’t be affordable. Under a proposal known as Net Neutrality, the Federal Communications Commission would prohibit Internet Service Providers from doing that to content providers on the “information

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17 Apr

CIO: No longer just ‘the IT guy’

By Ken DickersonBlog, In The News

Credits: Bernie Monegain, Healthcare ITNews In chess, the positional play is characterized by long-term maneuvering — strategic moves. It’s exactly what is being required of healthcare CIOs today. Over the past decade, the role has changed from technology manager to valued strategic player, one who helps drive transformational change and who is welcome at the

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