CIO: No longer just ‘the IT guy’

By Ken DickersonBlog, In The News


Credits: Bernie Monegain, Healthcare ITNews

In chess, the positional play is characterized by long-term maneuvering — strategic moves. It’s exactly what is being required of healthcare CIOs today. Over the past decade, the role has changed from technology manager to valued strategic player, one who helps drive transformational change and who is welcome at the executive table.

Expectations are high and getting higher for toda
y’s healthcare CIO, who continues to be deluged with “do-it-now” projects at a time when, more than ever before, she or he is expected to bring top executive skills, the long view and strategy to the table.

It’s not enough to excel in the role. Executives at the top of many healthcare systems are looking for their “IT guy” to be a transformational leader.

At the same time, surveys show that CIOs are feeling underutilized – hamstrung when it comes to their strategic skills.

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