Enseva expands hardware profiles in cloud

By Chris SeveyBlog, Press Release

Within the Enseva private cloud ecosystem, hardware profiles represent different combinations of CPU, Memory and Disk that consumers can provision. Historically, Enseva supported popular combinations of resources that closely mimicked real hardware. For CPU we had 1 Core, 2 Core, 4 Core, 8 Core, etc.; for Memory we had 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, etc. Disk is then scaled very granularly in that it’s a user-definable size with the differentiator being performance characteristics. Archive Storage provides a cheap and deep platform for data that’s not readily accessed such as backups or historic archives. Standard Storage is great for everyday applications and Performance Storage leverages SSD performance, which is great for SQL databases and other storage-demanding applications requiring high throughput and IOPS.

To ensure our customers continuously get precisely what they’re after, we’ve nearly doubled the number of CPU, Memory and Disk options available within the private cloud platform, thereby providing more flexibility and options than ever before. The majority of these options come from combinations of CPU cores based on a multiple of 6-Cores, and Memory options based on a multiple of 12GB. The new profile options also include larger instance options as well with memory scaling up to 128GB to support the most demanding application requirements.

Below is a comprehensive list of the hardware profiles now available in the Enseva private cloud:

Standard Profiles

Standard profiles provide a balance of CPU and memory resources.

Profile Name CPU Memory Disk
SP1 1CPU 4GB 120GB
SP2 2CPU 8GB 120GB
SP3 4CPU 16GB 120GB
SP4 (New) 6CPU 24GB 120GB
SP5 8CPU 32GB 120GB
SP6 (New) 12CPU 48GB 120GB
SP7 (New) 16CPU 64GB 120GB

Compute Optimized Profiles

Compute optimized profiles weigh heavy on the CPU resources but retain the same memory allocations found in the standard profile.

Profile Name CPU Memory Disk
CP1 2CPU 4GB 120GB
CP2 4CPU 8GB 120GB
CP3 (New) 6CPU 12GB 120GB
CP4 8CPU 16GB 120GB
CP5 (New) 12CPU 24GB 120GB
CP6 16CPU 32GB 120GB

Memory Optimized Profiles

Memory optimized profiles weigh heavy on memory resources, but retain the same CPU allocations found in the standard profile.

Profile Name CPU Memory Disk
MP1 2CPU 16GB 120GB
MP2 4CPU 32GB 120GB
MP3 (New) 6CPU 48GB 120GB
MP4 8CPU 64GB 120GB
MP5 (New) 12CPU 96GB 120GB
MP6 (New) 16CPU 128GB 120GB