Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

By Chris GensickeBlog

With the advent of the cloud, disaster recovery has added a new layer of complexity. Many say that moving to the cloud is the be-all; end-all solution of solving your backup needs because it is all handled remotely — a “hands-off” approach to IT. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. Many of the largest cloud providers have outages, and with that come associated downtime and potentially missing data. It is important to not only have your data readily reliable but also handily available. At this point in the evolution of IT, it is has become the norm to expect nearly perfect uptime. Can you rely on just one company or one cloud provider to provide 100% time? That company might be your own internal organization. Do you ship your data to another cloud provider? Do you back it up offsite to another facility? What happens if that cloud provider goes down and has an unrecoverable outage? These are the very questions Enseva addresses with our multiple facilities, backup solutions and hybrid cross-connect cloud options. We strive to ensure you can always have an environment that will allow you to meet your recovery point objective and always exceed your organizations goals. It’s that simple.