Webinar: Choosing the Right Cloud Environment – Aug 19th

By Lori McConvilleBlog, Events, Seminars
Choosing the Right Cloud EnvironmentCloud computing is now a major marketplace strategy for any company aiming to deliver high quality services to customers over a variety of channels, especially those involving high levels of online traffic. Benefits include cutting costs, streamlining workflow and eliminating hardware. The cloud also makes it easier for remote employees to report for duty, access key information and collaborate online.Perhaps the biggest benefit for small companies is the ability to concentrate on business at hand and let the cloud-based service handle such worrisome IT concerns as security, maintenance, backup and support.

With so many companies offering cloud computing solutions, choosing one can be challenging. Join us as Enseva’s Cloud Engineer presents questions and answers to help you decide what potential providers meet your needs.

Join us for this webinar on Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at 9 a.m. CST. You’ll learn about:

  1. Understanding the scale of your business requirements
  2. Understanding the menu of cloud services
  3. How secure is the cloud?
  4. Where is the location of the datacenter and does it matter?
  5. What happens if data is lost?
  6. Will the cloud scale up to meet your business needs?
  7. Is there a downtime history?
  8. What does it take to get set up?



Chris Gensicke, Cloud Engineer, Enseva

Chris is a motivated IT strategist with over xx years of experience, most recently in the cloud architecture and design space. Chris has experience with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft applications such as Exchange and SQL..