Data Center Design Seminar – April 6th

By Chris SeveyBlog, Seminars

As IT managers, facility managers and CIOs feel increasing pressure to achieve zero downtime, to scale the data center to meet ever changing requirements and to reduce energy costs. The search for the most reliable and efficient power and cooling infrastructure has become even more critical.

During this seminar you will learn about…

  • Legacy Data Center Power Design
  • Legacy Design Efficiency
  • Modular/Scalable Data Center Design
  • Modular/Scalable Efficiency
  • Plug to Pole Management
  • Legacy Data Center Cooling Design
  • Modular/Scalable Cooling Systems
  • Hot Isle/Cold Isle Design
  • Hot Isle Containment Design
  • Modern, KW per Rack, Design Criteria


Where: Enseva Hiawatha (755 Metzger Dr, Hiawatha, IA 52233)

When: 9:00AM to 12:00PM