Enseva Helps Businesses Cope With Impending Flooding

By Lori McConvilleIn The News
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CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (September 25, 2016) – Enseva, Iowa’s locally-owned Tier IV datacenter, announced they will offer free colocation assistance to businesses in the Cedar Rapids area that may be affected by the impending flood.

“Any organization that needs help to store their data off-site in a safe and secure location away from potential flooding is invited to use the Enseva datacenter in Hiawatha”, said Enseva CTO and owner Chris Sevey.  “If your servers need a home immediately, Enseva can store your data in our datacenter within hours. We’re waving all set-up fees, and we can get your business’ data operational right away.”

With Enseva’s unique technologies, including our rapid-deployment electrical platform, Enseva can quickly create custom colocation environments. As a top-ranked datacenter, Enseva’s facilities are built to withstand the impact of flooding, the force of a tornado and survive man-made or other natural disasters. Our facilities are safe, secure and provide important backup solutions and hybrid cross-connect cloud options.

For more information, call Enseva at 319-450-0550, or visit the website for more information at www.enseva.com.


Enseva is a locally owned Tier IV datacenter in Hiawatha, a leader in the technology, equipment and expertise that protects businesses against downtime and growth limitations. We offer the gold standard in locked cabinets, private micro-suites, reliable network connectivity and expert onsite support for our clients, ranging from the financial, health, and retail sectors to government and education.