Enseva contributes to speedtest.net

By Chris SeveyBlog

Earlier this week Enseva Networks was approved and added to the speedtest.net internet performance testing platform.  General internet users and customers alike can test their internet speed against Enseva’s network.

Start the process by simply visiting http://speedtest.net.  If you are in the vicinity of Cedar Rapids or Hiawatha Iowa, your browser may automagically select Enseva as your primary testing destination.  If not, you can click the “change server” button and select Enseva (Hiawatha, IA) from the options list if it’s displayed, or you can simply type “Enseva” in the search field to quickly find our server.

Currently Enseva is donating 1 Gigabit (1,000 Megabits) of bandwidth to allowing the internet community to test their home/business speeds.  Additional capacity will be made available in the future should testing demands require it.