Windows Server 2019 Beta

By Chris SeveyBlog

After the re-release of Windows Server 2019 following file deletion issues during it’s initial release, Enseva has made a Server 2019 w/GUI image available for Enseva Azure users. The images is currently a Beta as we have not yet had an opportunity to make the necessary upgrades to production systems to accommodate services such as automatic Windows Activation. These upgrades are currently being test in lab environments and slated for roll-out in early 2019. In the mean time, users can perform testing and experimentation while the Beta image is available.

What’s relevant in the 2019 version of Microsoft Windows Server?

  • Security Related
    • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
    • HTTPS/2
  • Failover Clustering Related
    • Cluster Sets
    • File share witness enhancements
    • Cluster Hardening
  • Network Performance Improvements
  • Project Honolulu
  • Smaller Footprint