Enseva CloudBackup

By Chris SeveyBlog, Press Release

This time of year in the Midwest the question of how good are my backups can be heard numerous times by IT staff and business owners.  The crack of thunder from the lightning and the howl of a close by tornado remind us all that it isn’t just a good idea to backup our data but to have another copy off-site.  Businesses have previously used tape or removable hard drives for this.  While this strategy was great in the past, there are some extra variables that come into play that make this a dated solution.  An example is do the tapes actually get changed daily and if the person responsible is on vacation is the backup familiar enough with the process?

We know the financial costs of losing data whether there is a power surge, fire, or in extreme cases a tornado.  This can and sometimes does ruin otherwise healthy companies.  This is where Enseva CloudBackup service can help.  With state of the art software and robust infrastructure, Enseva provides you an enterprise class online backup service that ensures that you can quickly get up and running after any kind of data disaster.

The biggest challenges to companies when selecting a backup solution are:

How easy is the product to use and does it work? – The great news is that Enseva CloudBackup has one of the most user friendly web interfaces that allow the end user to setup and begin backups in minutes.  Once backed up, a restore is available with just a few short clicks of the interface.  Find the copy of the original and select a destination for the file.  There are many plugins available as well as Operating Systems that Enseva CloudBackup supports.

Will the product complete backups in my backup window? – Enseva CloudBackup can be seeded for the first full backup.  After this time, the service will utilize incremental backups and utilize block-level comparisons to only backup new data instead of the entire file dramatically cutting down on what needs to be transferred.  This saves on time, space, bandwidth and money.

How secure is the product? – Enseva CloudBackup was designed with security in mind.  A passphrase is created by the customer so they are the only one to know this.  There are multiple encryption options available and once chosen the data is encrypted before leaving the server.  The data remains encrypted during transport and while in Enseva’s data center.  Enseva staff has no access to the data or password.

How much will the product cost? – Enseva CloudBackup has the end user’s wallet in mind when they came up with an aggressive pricing strategy.  Contact sales@enseva.com for more information.