Enseva and partners to build Hiawatha Datacenter

By Chris SeveyPress Release

Enseva, a data colocation firm, and Iowa Health System, announce the construction and opening of a new data center in Hiawatha, IA. The multi-tenant data center facility, which will house a portion of Iowa Health System’s data, will be 12,000 square feet and have the capability, security and infrastructural support to house data for additional corporations that seek off site secure storage for integral data systems.

The new Enseva Data Center is a collaborative project with Enseva, Iowa Health System, Professional Office Services, the City of Hiawatha, Alliant Energy and Priority One with financing provided by GNB Bank and will be constructed in Hiawatha, Iowa.

The new facility will be 17,000 square feet with the capacity to build three more modules at 12,000 square feet each.

“Having partners in economic development is what made this new data center a reality,” says Doug Sevey, president and CEO of Enseva. “We are able to move quickly because we have the right people at the table, with all the same priorities.”

The center will be built to function utilizing proprietary electrical and cooling technologies designed to offer a greater fault tolerance at an unprecedented level of efficiency. Data center construction, particularly in the Midwest is on the rise as companies seek secure storage in the information age.

“As our society moves from an industrial to an information age, data availability is critical,” says Chris Sevey, Chief Information Officer with Enseva. “This new facility is a biometrically secured, high density, high efficiency facility that can provide 100% service availability for clients. All of these aspects are important to companies who rely on mission critical data for their operations.”

Iowa Health System, the first tenant in the facility and the impetus behind the project recognizes the need for the data availability and the importance of access to that data for their Information Technology professionals.

“Data availability is incredibly important when you are dealing with the health of those who make up more than 2.6 million patient visits per year,” says Kevin Vermeer, Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer for Iowa Health System. “We are proud to partner with Enseva as we move forward with our goals of 100% data availability and reliability.”

“We serve more than 76 communities and have 199 physician clinics in Iowa and Illinois. This data center is part of our comprehensive plan to store and secure all the critical data generated in caring for our patients.”

Professional Office Services – another partner and tenant in the colocation facility, sees the value in the security and the availability of data that the Enseva facility will provide.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Iowa Health and Enseva to bring this state of the art data center to fruition. With our nearly 30,000 healthcare customers located throughout the country, we believe that Iowa is the perfect location to safely and securely store this important healthcare information,” says Mike Williams, President and CEO of POS Professional Office Services, Inc.

Enseva partnered with the City of Hiawatha on incentives to locate the data center in the Corridor metro area and to facilitate the requirements needed to build a facility of this magnitude and service. The company also worked with Alliant Energy to identify and provide the electric infrastructure to enhance electric reliability to the operational center.

A groundbreaking ceremony will take place November 28th at 11:00AM and will feature speakers from all partners involved with the process and success of the Enseva data center.