Deep Earth Grounding

By Chris SeveyBlog

The Enseva facility in Hiawatha has a state of the art deep earth grounding system. This deep earth ground meets the IEEE 142 standard of less than 5 ohms to earth.

This deep earth ground performs the following:

  • Limits voltage in a electrical distribution system to definite fixed values
  • Limits voltage to within insulation ratings
  • Provides a more stable system with a minimum of transient over voltage and electrical noise
  • Provides a path to ground in fault conditions for quick isolation of equipment with operation of ground fault protection
  • Provides grounding of all conductive enclosures that may be touched by personnel, thereby eliminating shock hazards
  • Reduces static electricity that may be generated within facilities
  • Provides protection from large electrical disturbances (such as lightning) by creating a low resistive path to earth