Why Iowa?

By Chris SeveyBlog

Why does Iowa make the perfect place to protect your critical data?


usmap-iaAs companies decide if they should farm out their production or Disaster Relief data security, the question always arises as to “Where do we keep it”?

Lately, more and more businesses the world over are looking at the upper Midwest, specifically Iowa….why?

Before we address the reasons “Why”? Let’s look at the purpose and advantages of Co-locating ones data security (Note: We will not go into TOO much detail now. I will save that for another time).

Simply put, Co-location facilities, by means of acquiring cooling, power, carriers, real estate at or below wholesale costs, at an efficiency level far greater than doing it in house, then spread that savings across the board to the end-users creates maximum security at minimum investment. Thus, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core business.

So with that in mind, here is why Iowa, makes so much sense:

  • Low cost real estate. The property cost is very low compared to Eastern. Western, Southern territories as well as any major metropolitan area…this cost savings are transferred to the customer.
  • Low Power Costs. 90% of data storage costs are attributed to the cost of cooling the equipment. Iowa has one of the lowest power rates in the nation, which is passed on to the end user.
  • Ambient temperature. Iowa’s generally cool climate is idea for Data Centers.
  • Disaster threats. Iowa is virtually immune to exposure of hurricane, tidal wave, earthquake, terrorism…etc.
  • Multiple Networks. With Iowa being a hub that connects the eastern USA to the western; the fiber network is extremely robust and affordable.
  • Peace of Mind. Iowa was ranked #2 for Best state to do business with.*1


Another thing to consider…

While there is still debate as to if the recession is still in effect or not, there is no question that the last few years have been difficult for many businesses. However, the last few years has seen a unique trend when it comes to Iowa and working with Data centers in Iowa.

Specifically, many companies based out of state who have taken their data storage in Iowa, quickly recognized the advantageous low cost of living in Iowa (ranked #5 in the USA *1) and many of them realized corporate GROWTH; by expanding operations closer to the data centers and hire locally, made good business sense.

Incidentally, I speak not as one with an opinion. But one who speaks from experience…as I left Los Angeles to invest and build in Iowa and have never looked back.

*1 – Source: http://www.cnbc.com/id/43238595