Seminar – Uninterruptible Power Protection 101

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Enseva and Power Quality University will be hosting a Free Uninterruptible Power Protection (UPS) seminar on October 10th from 9:00AM – 12:00PM


About the Training

When it comes to purchasing uninterruptible power protection, the consumer is faced with a market full of hype & misleading claims. This hype ranges from small under-the-desk type UPS units to large data center units.

Buying a UPS is very much like buying an insurance policy. As with insurance, you need to have a basic knowledge of what you are buying & know the right questions to ask.


Topics Covered:

  • Types of available UPS systems
  • How to pick the best one
  • Witness Live UPS Testing
  • Sizing UPS Systems
  • UPS Communication Options
  • UPS Maintenance
  • N+1 Redundancy


During this seminar you will learn about…

General UPS Systems

  • Learn about input harmonics developed from an unfiltered system.
  • Discover 6 pulse, 12 pulse, & IGBT technologies at work.
  • Learn about generator sizing & system compatibility.
  • Redundancy & Capacity

Single Phase UPS Systems

  • Observe the different output produced by different types of UPS systems.
  • Off-line, line interactive and on-line double conversion.

Three Phase UPS Systems

  • Market overview of US suppliers of UPS systems.
  • Competitive analysis of several major suppliers in the three phase market.

*BISCI, IEEB, CEUs & PDHs are available!


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