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30 Oct

CheckPoint Enhancements for Private Azure

By Chris SeveyBlog

Azure Enhancements Today Enseva rolled out enhancements for it’s private Azure cloud platform providing customers with enhanced checkpoint (aka: snapshot) management. Previously customers could create a single checkpoint, roll back to a previously generated checkpoint and delete checkpoints no longer needed. The enhancements brought online today allow users to create and manage multiple checkpoints for

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28 Oct

5 Reasons a Carrier-Neutral Datacenter is Good for Business

By Lori McConvilleBlog

Choosing a carrier-neutral datacenter or colocation provider is an important business decision. And when it comes to housing your mission-critical infrastructure within someone else’s facility you should know that all datacenters are not created equal. A truly carrier-neutral datacenter is one that is independent of the companies collocating in the datacenter and isn’t serving the

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19 Oct

Unite Private Networks brings connectivity to Enseva Hiawatha

By Lori McConvilleBlog, In The News, Press Release

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (October 19, 2015) – Enseva today announced a recent partnership with Kansas City, MO based high-bandwidth and fiber-based communications network provider, Unite Private Networks. The partnership will support UPN’s new state-wide fiber-optic network, which in its entirety covers nearly 900 miles. Unite Private Networks recognizes Enseva as the premier datacenter to kick

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03 Oct

Invisible Costs of a Private Datacenter

By Chris SeveyBlog

Whether you’re a small business owner or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, the chances are that you’ll eventually be presented with a decision concerning how you store your data. As your business grows, so does your IT; in other words, the growth of your company directly forces you to make a business decision.

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02 Oct

Enseva Drone Delivery Services

By Chris SeveyBlog, In The News

Below is the first public glimpse of Enseva’s prototype treat delivery service currently in beta testing.  A micro-drone is used in conjunction with an innovative treat retention system developed by Enseva’s CTO Chris Sevey to deliver tasty candies to staff and guests on the operations floor.  A successful delivery attempt, also seen below, was completed

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20 Aug

Choosing the Right Cloud Environment (Recorded)

By adminUncategorized

Watch the recorded webinar: Choosing the Right Cloud Environment from Wed., August 19, 2015. If you have questions regarding the cloud and what environment is for you, you won’t want to miss Chris Gensicke as he shares his experience with you. Should you have additional questions, please call 888-851-6281.

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