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10 Apr

Enseva expands hardware profiles in cloud

By Chris SeveyBlog, Press Release

Within the Enseva private cloud ecosystem, hardware profiles represent different combinations of CPU, Memory and Disk that consumers can provision. Historically, Enseva supported popular combinations of resources that closely mimicked real hardware. For CPU we had 1 Core, 2 Core, 4 Core, 8 Core, etc.; for Memory we had 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, etc. Disk is

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30 Mar

vNext Technical Preview – Crash Prevention

By Chris SeveyBlog

The next version of Microsoft Windows Server and Hyper-V has planned support for additional resiliencies when storage failures are introduced to the environment. Should a virtual machine (VM) detect the underlying storage is no longer available, it will place it’s self in a paused state until access to the storage is restored as opposed to

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28 Mar

vNext Technical Preview – Live Memory Resize

By Chris SeveyBlog

As a provider that leverages Microsoft’s Hyper-v technology to deliver cost effective high performance cloud resources to our customers, I’m excited to see where Microsoft is taking vNext. Currently, virtual machines (VM) in the cloud act very similar to their physical counterparts. If you wish to upgrade processors or add memory to a server, you

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23 Mar

How Enseva Makes Colocation Better! – Part II

By Chris SeveyBlog

Last issue in Part 1 of this mini-series, I referenced some of the electrical and cooling enhancements that went into Enseva Next-Generation datacenter facilities and how these methodologies and technologies permit organizations to consolidate IT infrastructure into a reduced real-estate footprint. This provides an ideal environment for not only immediate cost savings, but long term

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12 Mar

Tech Junction – Thursday, April 9th, 2015 (Des Moines)

By Lori McConvilleEvents

Stop by our booth and learn how Enseva can help you with your datacenter colocation, cloud and managed services needs. We’re not just any datacenter, we are Iowa’s exclusive, locally-owned datacenter committed to providing the highest value and best return-on-investment in the state. REGISTER TO ATTEND. http://www.techjunctionevents.com/evites/dsm/enseva.htm

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10 Mar

Windows 10 is a 10!

By Chris GensickeBlog, In The News

It may just be everything that Windows 8 should have been, but is it?  Windows 10 has made great strides to implement the needs of the enterprise customer back into the desktop experience with a return to the end-user interface that is familiar with many legacy users.  It takes people back to their roots with

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