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02 Aug

Why Should I Choose a Data Center? (Part 1 of 5)

By Randy GoodsonBlog

Why Should I Choose a Data Center? So…when I searched for “Why should I choose a data center,” I got thousands of results for “How to choose a data center.”  I found checklists on the things to look for when choosing a data center. I found articles explaining how to choose the right power and

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09 Jul

Datacenter Design Seminar – July 25th

By Chris SeveyEvents, Seminars

IT managers, facility managers, and CIOs feel increasing pressure to achieve zero downtime, to scale the data center to meet ever-changing requirements, and to reduce energy costs. The search for the most reliable and efficient power and cooling infrastructure has become even more critical. During this seminar you will learn about… • Legacy data center

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17 Jun

Enseva CloudBackup

By Chris SeveyBlog, Press Release

This time of year in the Midwest the question of how good are my backups can be heard numerous times by IT staff and business owners.  The crack of thunder from the lightning and the howl of a close by tornado remind us all that it isn’t just a good idea to backup our data

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02 Jun

SMB Closet Servers

By Chris SeveyBlog

Many of the small and medium businesses that I have worked with in the past have shown me their “data center” or server room. More often than not, this is a small closet somewhere out of the way or a copy room. These rooms have very poor climate control if any with ceiling panels popped

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04 Apr

Power Usage Effectiveness

By Chris SeveyEvents, Seminars

  Enseva and Power Quality University will be hosting a Free General Power Quality Seminar on April 18th from 9:00AM – 12:00PM   About the Training PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is a nationally recognized rating system to help facility personnel assess how efficiently their Data Centers use energy. This class will cover industry standards and

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