CloudBackup Plug-ins

In addition to traditional file based cloud backup solutions, Enseva CloudBackup introduces enhanced plug-in components that integrate with many popular application and database technologies taking cloud backup to a whole new level.

Exchange Server

Enseva CloudBackup plug-in supports Microsoft Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 using Exchange Server APIs without impacting the live server.
Exchange Mailbox

Backup users’ mailboxes from and Exchange Server. Backup/Restore mailboxes, folders, sub-folders and individual emails.

Microsoft SQL Server

Comprehensive and continuous application-aware backup and disaster recovery for MS SQL Server 2008 and 2005 with the capability to perform hot backup of user databases and SQL components.
Microsoft Sharepoint

Easily search and perform granular backup and recovery of Microsoft SharePoint content in seconds.


Hot backup support in Oracle 9i, Oracle 10G and Oracle 11G. CloudBackup uses RMAN utility to create consistent and efficient backups.

High Performance and automatic MySQL server backups with complete recovery flexibility. Multiple recovery points to perform granular restores to a specific point in time and significantly reduce data loss.


CloudBackup supports online full and incremental PostgeSQL backups.
Xen and KVM

The CLoudBackup plug-in for Xena nd KVM allows users to protect virtual machines and application data within Xen and KVM virtual environments.


CloudBackup VMware plug-in, based on the VMware APIs for Data Proteciton, enables administrators to backup and restore entire vurtual machines or individual files in a VMware environment.

The CloudBackup plug-in for Microsoft Hyper-V enables administrators to backup and restore entire virtual machines or individual files.