Five reasons why cloud computing is essential for health care

By Ken DickersonBlog

More often than not Healthcare lags far behind other industries in terms of IT spend. Don’t take me wrong, I don’t think that’s because healthcare executives don’t recognize the need for technology but rather the lack of available capital.

When talking to healthcare executives I often find budgets get slashed due to the constant cuts in reimbursements from third party payers.  By Kevin Dodson

Enseva recognized this very early on and built the infrastructure for low cost, secure and reliable cloud services.

What’s the bottom line? By using Enseva’s Cloud Services platform you can bring your IT infrastructure up to date while maintaining your operational budget.

One organization that Enseva has been working with had outdated technology and wanted to become more current. Over a 3 year period, Enseva will save them more than $500,000. After being presented with a proposal that was nearly one half the cost of other competitors the CFO (with a suspect look on his face) asked “what’s the catch? What am I missing?”

As you begin to look at cloud services please keep in mind Enseva is a Next Generation company that is designed to grow with your business and help keep your IT environment operating at peak performance. Regardless of the size of your company, Enseva datacenters can help you;

  • Reduce costs
  • Alleviate the need for more staff
  • Maintain fast and reliable access to the internet for your website or e-business applications
  • Reduce your technology/datacenter footprint by offering colocation with much higher density