Seminar – Datacenter Design

By Chris SeveyEvents, Seminars



Enseva and Power Quality University will be hosting a Free Datacenter Design seminar on July 17th from 9:00AM – 12:00PM


About the Training

Some enterprise Data Centers believe they could “never” go down, only to find out later that what they “thought” was a redundant system, had a weak point. This Data Center Management seminar will review your risk profile as well as focus on maintenance and other preventative solutions such as monitoring power, security, and environmental equipment. The proper data center environment is extremely important for the IT system and supporting equipment. In this seminar, we will learn about the design issues related to “legacy” data center cooling, review future needs of data center equipment, and explore simple and complex solutions to data center cooling.


Topics Covered:

  • Legacy Data Center Power Design
  • Legacy Design Efficiency
  • Modular/Scalable Data Center Design
  • Modular/Scalable Efficiency
  • Plug to Pole Management
  • Legacy Data Center Cooling Design
  • Modular/Scalable Cooling Systems
  • Hot Isle/Cold Isle Design
  • Hot Isle Containment Design
  • Modern, KW per Rack, Design Criteria


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