Top Healthcare Executives expect IT Managers to be transformational leaders.

By Ken DickersonBlog

Top Healthcare Executives Expect IT Managers to be Transformational Leaders.

I never will forget one of my employee’s descriptions of success to me many years ago. He said, “Any basketball player can dribble the ball. They can pass the ball and they can shoot the ball. But what really matters is how many points they can score.”

Just like basketball, healthcare is competitive and as reimbursements continue to get squeezed the best IT leaders just don’t dribble, pass and shoot. They score. In today’s environment transformational leaders will always outscore their opponents.

Here’s a great article that really nails what Healthcare CEO’s are looking for.,24

The writer talks about how hard it is for the “IT Guy” to shed the “IT Guy” perception. We believe one of the ways you can do this is to think outside the box. Dribbling, passing and shooting is doing the same old thing every other IT Guy is doing—putting servers in the closet, hiring more IT staff and asking for more budget—but the Transformational Leader is working hard to reduce costs and to become much more efficient, reliable and secure. Cutting back on IT staff and outsourcing key initiatives like Disaster Recovery, rather than increasing budgets with new hardware, they’re moving their IT infrastructure to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Not only does this transformation of your IT provide for a much more secure, reliable and more cost effective infrastructure but it’ll also help you attract better IT talent. Employees are no longer happy with doing the same old thing.

Just like top IT Executives, Enseva is a Transformational Leader who consistently thinks outside the box. In fact, we just helped one midsize organization save more than $500,000 in just three years by eliminating their 3 IT “closets” and moving them to Enseva IaaS. The result has been increased reliability, better security and better cost management. Oh, and one more thing, as the CEO was touring the Enseva facility with the CIO and Director of IT, do you think the CEO had the same old “IT Guy” perception?