Webinar: Hybrid Environments – Sept 16th

By Lori McConvilleBlog, Seminars

For years, cloud computing has been the focus of IT decision makers and corporate number crunchers, but the extremely security-conscious have been hesitant to move their data and workloads into the cloud.

Now, with the underlying technology behind cloud services available for deployment inside organizations, a new model of cloud computing is emerging: the hybrid cloud.

There are many benefits of hybrid cloud and organizations who are considering combining public cloud, private cloud and dedicated servers into a single working platform should attend this webinar to learn best practices.

Join us for this webinar, presented by your Enseva technical solution expert Chris Sevey on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at 9 a.m. CST.

You’ll learn answers to the following questions:
• What is the hybrid cloud?
• What are the benefits?
• What are my options?
• How long does it take to migrate?
• What’s included in preparation?
• How can I leverage the cloud?


Chris Sevey, Chief Technology Officer, Enseva

Chris is a passionate, creative and transformational leader for Enseva’s next generation Tier 4+ datacenter architectures, solutions and innovations. With a background steeped in technical strategy, vision and disciplined execution, Sevey, without a doubt, has built the most unique datacenter in the country.