Enseva Recognized as Azure Leader

By Lori McConvilleBlog, In The News, Press Release

Enseva was named by CIO Review as one of “20 Most Promising Azure Solution Providers in 2015.” Of the twenty ranked companies, Enseva is the only Iowa company to receive such a distinction.

Hundreds of Microsoft Azure platform providers were evaluated and Enseva is incredibly proud of achieving this leadership ranking. “It’s an honor to be recognized in this way,” stated Chris Sevey, owner and CTO of Enseva, “we’re confident in our Azure solution enabling our customers to quickly build, deploy, and manage their applications.”

With the rapid evolution of technology, the world has not only gone digital, but virtual. Augmenting this shift, most of today’s computing is done on cloud, with major networking solutions setting up cloud servers and hosting cloud-compatible datacenters. As such, businesses looking to take full advantage of the cloud technology are presented with challenges galore on a terrain they’re not entirely familiar with. Providing requisite tools for a company’s growing consumption of IT services is Enseva, a Microsoft Azure partner featuring an entire portfolio of flexible and scalable solutions. “Each organization’s requirement is unique while migrating to cloud, and through our innovative technologies and evaluating the best practices suited for our customers’ specific needs, we help them navigate through this journey in a reliable and cost-effective manner,” says Doug Sevey, CEO, Enseva.

Forging a father-son partnership to set-up the company, Chris Sevey, CTO, Enseva, says, “Our Azure Cloud is an open, flexible platform that enables our customers to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications and resources across our next-generation datacenter facilities.” The company’s cloud servers reside on the latest generation of compute, network, and storage technologies that delivers high performing service-level agreements (SLAs), enabling for a robust platform for running applications. Enhancing its services with a Cloud Backup option to its customers, Enseva further ensures a fast, secure, and cost-effective data protection service, optimized to efficiently replicate data over existing internet access typologies. Additionally, the company modified its private Azure cloud with the introduction of Microsoft Azure Stock to improve on their suite of services architected to simplify IT management.

As the company’s IT head, Chris led the way to build their own tier-4 Hiawatha datacenter by creating proprietary patent-pending electrical and cooling designs used to bring down costs within the datacenter. “Incorporating Microsoft’s technology with our own ingenuity, we took our tier-4 datacenter and doubled its redundancy that enabled us to deliver a better cloud experience to our clients at reduced cost,” remarks Chris. With their data centers housing some of the most sensitive data, including those for defense contractors, healthcare providers, and education facilities, conforming to rigid network security measures is essential for ensuring efficiency and reliability. “We protect our customer’s environment with a firewall security system, enabling them to bridge multiple services like cloud, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), and collocation with minimal risk of any privacy breach,” asserts Chris.

Through its hosted managed services, Enseva serves a broad range of customers from financial, health, and retail sectors to government and education. This is reflected in their work with World Class Industries, a company that provides solutions for supply chain integration. Having outgrew their IT environment, the company wanted a more stable and reliable solution, and so approached Enseva for their managed services. “The Enseva team was professional, friendly, and relentless in delivering a strategic improvement to our IT budget; we’ve seen stability, growth, security, and efficiency,” says Brent Cobb, CEO, World Class Industries.

The company sets itself apart by serving as an active participant and user of Microsoft’s beta technologies, enabling them to remain on the trending edge of delivering new and exciting avenues to their customers. Through their cloud solutions that enable customers to easily scale and provision resources using a fully automated self-service platform, Enseva provides a fast, flexible, powerful, and reliable option among a plethora of IT services available in the market today. Focusing on the road ahead, Enseva also plans to extend its outreach into new markets, including building datacenters in the Dubuque and Altoona markets, all based in Iowa.

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