Enseva Labs – Azure 2.0 (First Glimpse)

By Chris SeveyBlog

Organizations are rapidly turning to the cloud to increase business agility and drive faster innovation.  At Enseva we’ve seen this first-hand with the rapid adoption of Enseva’s Private Azure Cloud.  Information Technology teams need a simplified platform in which applications with vastly different performance requirements can be easily and quickly deployed without the tedious micromanagement of different combinations of storage arrays, servers and network typologies.  Enseva aims to streamline these processes with an introduction of the next-generation of cloud services coming in 2016.

Application Developers – With tighter integration with Microsoft’s Azure platform, developers can maximize their productivity using a a ‘write once, deploy once’ approach.  Applications written using Azure’s API platform will seamlessly work with Enseva’s Private Azure Cloud allowing for both portability and cross-platform redundancy.

IT Professionals – Streamline and improve ease of management as you deploy resources for projects with a simple click of the mouse. What once took days, weeks or even months can now be completed on demand and in minutes.

Organizations – Embrace hybrid-cloud computing on your own terms.  Combine a feature rich Azure ecosystem while combining Enseva’s Private Azure Cloud with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Colocation services to address business and technical considerations like regulation, data sovereignty and latency.

Be on the lookout for new details on these exciting new opportunities as we periodically release details on development and testing from Enseva Labs. Below are some screen shots to tide you over.


Creating a new virtual machine
Azure Stack

Assigning resources to the new virtual machine
Azure Stack

Configuring network and storage information for the new virtual machine
Azure Stack

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