Enseva Hosted Monitoring (Enhancements)

By Chris SeveyBlog

Fresh out of Enseva Labs, new hosted monitoring enhancements provide increased insight into application performance as well as improvements to organizational of Item structure. The revised organizational structure aims to improve upon the time required to locate essential data sets by grouping related monitored Items. Monitored Items are grouped by system components, operating system components and application components, then sorted by alphabetical order. Historic trending graphs have also been renamed and reorganized for the same purpose.

Enhanced application monitoring capabilities provide organizations with even more insight to server and application performance. Real-time performance metrics assist with health management and troubleshooting processes. Long term historic trending provides valuable insight for future needs and growth strategies.

The organization enhancements are available immediately to pre-existing and new customers. New application monitoring capabilities are available in the latest version of the Enseva monitoring agent scheduled to be released very soon.

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