875 Million points of data collected each day

By Chris SeveyBlog

875 million data points.  That’s how much data gets collected every day at Enseva Hiawatha.  This data then gets sorted, grouped and analysed by Enseva’s customized monitoring system to ensure that customers stay online and performance is always at it’s peak.

Where on earth does all this data come from?

The short and simple explanation for that question is, well: Everywhere!   Sure, we monitor servers, storage, switch ports, etc…  CPU and memory usage, free disk space, network utilization and so forth.  That’s boring stuff that everyone does.  To understand it in a bit more detail, we should probably take a couple of examples and do our own analysis on what sets Enseva apart from your typical datacenter.


Electrical Systems

Our monitoring system goes well beyond monitoring Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) load.  Every electrical breaker deployed in the Hiawatha datacenter facility is equipped with real-time monitoring capabilities.  Enseva collects and stores high resolution data on electrical voltages, amperage draw, kW usage and over 50 other points of interest on nearly 300 circuit breakers deployed throughout the datacenter facility.

The collected data allows Enseva and it’s customers to be proactive when it comes to heavily loaded electrical circuits, provides real-time assurance of fail-over capabilities and provides growth trends that span years.


Performance Internet

We do a lot more than collect 10-second glimpses of the utilization on a network interface.  In fact, every packet of data that enters or leaves Enseva’s network gets reviewed in real-time.  No!  We’re not spying on you.  Besides, your transmissions are encrypted anyways right?

What we’re actually doing is analyzing where data is flowing to and from among an unfathomable sea of internet destinations.  This provides insights into what network peers may provide faster and lower latency paths for our customers, ultimately allowing us to place the word Performance in front of the word Internet and actually have it be meaningful.


Ultimately, there’s an immense amount of data that gets collected and stored, most of which needs to be analyzed in real-time for alerting and pro-active response.  Over the years it’s required Enseva to continually rethink how this massive mound of digital data gets stored, accessed and analyzed.  If this is something of interest to you or you’d like to better understand how Enseva can help provide a reliable high-performance environment for your business, please schedule a time for a tour at your convenience.