Enseva Azure Linux Virtual Machine Instance Updates

By Chris SeveyBlog

As promised, all Enseva Azure subscriptions have received updated copies of both Ubuntu Server 16.04 and Debian 9.4 templates. With these updates also bring the unification of all instances now being Hyper-V Gen2 instances, which will bring consistency throughout your cloud environment but also some other advantages as well.

What’s special about Gen2 Instances?

  • Boot from SCSI Virtual Disk Drive
    All connected devices are now done by a virtual SCSI adapter.  In Gen1 instances, the boot device was always a legacy IDE adapter.
  • Secure Boot
    This feature helps prevent unauthorized firmware or UEFI drives from running at boot time.
  • Fast Boot Time
    Tests have shown Gen2 instances to boot about 20% faster.
  • Fewer Devices
    Since support for emulated legacy IDE and network devices is no longer required, these have been removed.
  • Extended Limits
    Gen2 instances introduce support for larger deployments (more CPU, more memory) which open the door for support new and extended hardware profile options.