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10 Mar

How Enseva Makes Colocation Better! – Part I

By Chris SeveyBlog

I travel around the Midwest on a rather regular basis to help customers evaluate their current datacenter infrastructure and determine how Enseva might help address not only immediate issues that may be apparent, but also help identify any new issues that might be lingering just around the corner. More often than not, one of the

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11 Feb

Net Neutrality – What You Should Know

By Lori McConvilleBlog, In The News

Imagine driving on an interstate highway system with all the off-ramps controlled by private companies, which could charge various tolls, some possibly so high that the exit wouldn’t be affordable. Under a proposal known as Net Neutrality, the Federal Communications Commission would prohibit Internet Service Providers from doing that to content providers on the “information

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04 Oct

Seminar – Surge Protection

By Chris SeveyEvents, Seminars

  Enseva and Power Quality University will be hosting a Free Surge Protection seminar on Thursday November 13th from 9:00AM – 12:00PM.  Breakfast will be available at 8:30.   About the Training Have you or your customers experienced these problems with electrical equipment? Scrambled and lost data Excessive repair and replacement costs Unexplained circuit breaker

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10 Jul

Seminar – Datacenter Design

By Chris SeveyEvents, Seminars

  Enseva and Power Quality University will be hosting a Free Datacenter Design seminar on July 17th from 9:00AM – 12:00PM   About the Training Some enterprise Data Centers believe they could “never” go down, only to find out later that what they “thought” was a redundant system, had a weak point. This Data Center

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17 Apr

CIO: No longer just ‘the IT guy’

By Ken DickersonBlog, In The News

Credits: Bernie Monegain, Healthcare ITNews In chess, the positional play is characterized by long-term maneuvering — strategic moves. It’s exactly what is being required of healthcare CIOs today. Over the past decade, the role has changed from technology manager to valued strategic player, one who helps drive transformational change and who is welcome at the

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