A wide selection of Windows and Linux operating systems can be deployed on Hyper-V cloud using the on-demand customer portal.  These options include, but are not limited to:

  • Windows Server 2012R2
  • Windows Server 2016
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian


Create your first cloud server

Creating your first cloud server is easy and takes only a few minutes.  Simply select an operating system, provide your cloud server with a unique name, type in a password and you’re up and running.

New VM Monitor


Resource Plans

Enseva Hyper-V resource plans provide the CPU and memory resources enabling you to deploy Windows and Linux servers on the Hyper-V Cloud. These resources are provided in one or more pools and pool resources are consumed or released as virtual machines are created or destroyed. Spin up, destroy and recreate as many virtual machines as you wish.

Once the resources of a pool are consumed, you can upgrade your pool or add additional pools in any combination you wish to continue adding additional virtual machines to your environment.

Hardware Profiles

Hardware profiles define the amount of CPU and memory resources available to a virtual machine.  Enseva Hyper-V Cloud has two categories of profiles (Standard, Compute Optimized and Memory Optimized) that provide various combinations of CPU and memory resources.  You can change the hardware profile associated with the virtual machine at any time, permitted your resource pool as the necessary resources available to accommodate the allocation.

All hardware profiles have a standard disk deployment of 120GB, however the disks can be expanded after the virtual machine created if you need more space.  Adding additional disks to your virtual machine to scale capacity is also an option.

Standard Profiles

Standard profiles provide a balance of CPU and memory resources.


Profile Name CPU Memory Disk
SP1 1CPU 4GB 120GB
SP2 2CPU 8GB 120GB
SP3 4CPU 16GB 120GB
SP4 (New) 6CPU 24GB 120GB
SP5 8CPU 32GB 120GB
SP6 (New) 12CPU 48GB 120GB
SP7 (New) 16CPU 64GB 120GB
SP8 (New) 32CPU 128GB 120GB

Compute Optimized Profiles

Compute optimized profiles weigh heavy on the CPU resources but retain the same memory allocations found in the standard profile.

Profile Name CPU Memory Disk
CP1 2CPU 4GB 120GB
CP2 4CPU 8GB 120GB
CP3 (New) 6CPU 12GB 120GB
CP4 8CPU 16GB 120GB
CP5 (New) 12CPU 24GB 120GB
CP6 16CPU 32GB 120GB
CP7 32CPU 64GB 120GB

Memory Optimized Profiles

Memory optimized profiles weigh heavy on memory resources, but retain the same CPU allocations found in the standard profile.

Profile Name CPU Memory Disk
MP1 2CPU 16GB 120GB
MP2 4CPU 32GB 120GB
MP3 (New) 6CPU 48GB 120GB
MP4 8CPU 64GB 120GB
MP5 (New) 12CPU 96GB 120GB
MP6 (New) 16CPU 128GB 120GB
MP7 (New) 32CPU 256GB 120GB
MX7 (New) 32CPU 512GB 120GB