Network and Security

Built on the foundation of Enseva’s high performance 40gbps network, you can securely connect your cloud servers to one or more private networks.  Enseva offers an extensive catalog of network capabilities that allow you to control and protect your virtualized environment.


Take advantage of ASIC’s driven hardware firewalls with fully isolated, single tenant layer 2 communications between your cloud servers.


Specifications v60D v60E v200D v200E
Firewall Policies 100 200 500 1000
Firewall Addresses 100 200 500 1000
Firewall Addresses Groups 50 100 250 500
Users 50 100 250 500
IPSec VPN 1 5 50 100
SSL VPN 1 5 50 100
Dial-up Tunnels 1 5 50 100
Intrusion Prevention No No Yes Yes
Anti-Virus No No Yes Yes
Highly Available Yes Yes Yes Yes
SLA 99.95 99.95 99.95 99.95


Network Access

Enseva’s Blended Performance Internet access pools resources from multiple upstream providers across the midwest to provide highly-available and inexpensive remote connectivity. Burst to multiple gigabit’s per second by taking advantage of our utility based internet access program, or commit to a consistent flat-rate performance connection typically utilized in colocation environments.

Internet Traffic Cost/GB
First GB Free
1GB – 1TB $0.050
1TB – 10TB $0.045
10TB – 50TB $0.040
50TB – 100TB $0.035


Traffic Between IA01 + IL01 Cost/GB
First GB Free
1GB – 1TB $0.025
1TB – 10TB $0.023
10TB – 50TB $0.020
50TB – 100TB $0.018


Traffic Between IA01 + Enseva Fiber Cost/GB
All Traffic Free


Hybrid Connections

Connect your on-premises or colocated environment into Enseva’s Hyper-V cloud to provide seemless communications and management across a hybrid environment.  Utilize a variety of communications methods that include, but are not limited to, MPLS, Point-to-point and IPSec VPN.