Hiawatha Cooling System

RELIABLE. By Design.

Enseva colocation facilities are designed with mission critical applications in mind. The proprietary cooling designs deployed in Enseva premium datacenters enables Enseva to extend 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees to all qualifying customers.
Closed Loop System
A high efficiency closed loop chilled water system means Enseva datacenters don’t rely on a municipal water supply to stay operational.
Beyond 2N
Enseva premium datacenters take advantage of a patent-pending redundancy design that represents the next evolutionary step beyond traditional 2N designs. When cooling mission critical high-density applications, reliability becomes crucial.


FLEXIBLE. By Design.

The closely coupled cooling architecture deployed in Enseva premium datacenters offers significant advantages over legacy datacenter designs. Customers no longer have significant restrictions on how much equipment gets deployed in a cabinet.
Free Cooling
Enseva premium datacenters are capable utilizing Iowa’s cold outside ambient air to supply free cooling during winter months and utilize cool air during spring and fall for pre-cooling. The flexible system ensures the facility is always operating at the highest possible efficiency.
Our intelligent and adaptive cooling system will monitor and automatically adjust cooling capacities to real time customer loads. No damper or tile changes necessary. It’s as simple as sliding in a server, powering it on and walking away.


POWERFUL. By Design.

Designed with the future in mind, Enseva premium datacenters utilize scalable, high density infrastructure enabling you to increase density and performance as your business grows, without increasing your footprint or moving equipment.
High Density
Built for scalability, our premium datacenters are one of the most power-dense facilities available. Sophisticated power and cooling Infrastructure allow for almost any configuration and support up to 30kW per cabinet.
Green Design
As a part of our overall design philosophy, we are committed to consuming fewer fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse emissions, minimizing impact on the land and offering a better working environment.