Hiawatha Security System

SECURE. By Design.

Facility Access
Building access requires an Enseva issued proximity badge to gain access to the lobby outside of normal business hours.

Lobby Checkin
Customers and Guests must present government issued photo identification to the lobby attendant prior to entering the map trap. Only badge holders and pre-authorized vendors and guest will be provided access to datacenter floorspace.

Man Trap
Customers and Guests utilize the man trap one at a time by first utilizing a proximity cart to gain access to the room. The second door requires two authentication factors (proximity and biometrics) and will not open unless the first door is closed and secure.

Suite Access
Each datacenter phase is split into four Micro-Suites. Visitor access is restricted only to the suite in which the visitor has equipment. Customers occupying entire suites can optionally have biometric access options added for added security measures.

Cabinet Door
All cabinets on the datacenter floor are individually keyed. Key access is restricted to the cabinet owner and Enseva staff. Proximity access cabinet lock options are available for added security and access tracking.

Video Surveillance and Archiving
Internal and external activities are recorded and archived for 90-days. Real time activity is displayed and monitored in Enseva NOC’s.