Hiawatha Fire Supression

SAFE. By Design.

Enseva premium datacenters utilize FM-200 systems to protect the people and equipment contained within the facility in the event of a fire. FM-200 is a clean gaseous fire suppressant that prevents the chemical reaction required for fire to burn. FM-200 is stored as a liquid, but unlike water, it is dispensed as an electrically non-conductive vapor that will not harm electronic devices and or leave residue behind, ensuring equipment and information contained within maintain intact.

Enseva deploys highly sensitive VESDA (Very Early Warning Smoke Detection) systems that can detect smoke before it’s visible. VESDA’s will actively sample air in all key datacenter areas and alert staff to possible problems before they have an opportunity to escalate.
Handheld Containment
Handheld clean agent extinguishers are located throughout the datacenter facility. These are clean agent extinguishers that allow for fire suppression without damaging electronic equipment or leaving residue behind.